If there was ever any doubt that women have power, it ended with the Susan B. Komen debacle. For years, we’ve run in races and worn pink, but when we discovered the SBK foundation had clay (and political) feet, we rebelled. All that time we thought we were supporting the fight against breast cancer, but when Karen Handel joined the board with her own political agenda, she changed the dynamics. It should remain as a good lesson for Susan B. Komen’s sister, Executive Director Nancy Brinker.

What is it with men and power? We’re still hearing about President Kennedy, this time from some sixty year old woman who claims she was a nineteen year old Whitehouse aide when he had his way with her. Men say it’s testosterone. Women say it’s self-indulgence. (Calista. Beware. Isn’t that how you got Newt?) I’m sick to death of the rankling in Washington, tired of congressman and senators acting like two year olds, hate the ugly speeches, nasty tirades, gross commercials. (Have you heard Randall Terry’s? Ugh!)

Think what we could do if we backed our own candidate for president. We’re too late for 2012, but how about 2016? Yes, yes. I know. We missed our chance with Hillary, but she came with so much heavy baggage (Bill). And I know just the person:


President Obama wanted her to head up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: main job  . . “police credit lenders and prevent consumers from unwittingly signing up for risky loans.”  The Republicans, scared of this brilliant, charming, honest, knowledgeable woman, blocked her nomination. She would have been perfect, but the Repubs don’t want anyone protecting us consumers. (The office still has no director and we still have no protection.)

Elizabeth’s qualifications are awesome. She is a chief advocate for banking reform. Emily’s List and a National Nurses Union are already backing her. Read about her at this website or one of the hundreds of others you’ll find on your browser.

Meanwhile,  she is running for Teddy Kennedy’s old senate seat in Massachusetts against Scott Brown, who modeled and posed nude for the centerfold of Cosmopolitan Magazine in the 1980’s to make money toward paying for his Boston College law degree. While a state senator, he voted for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and opposed the repeal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. More importantly, his election to the U.S. Senate tipped the delicate balance of the Senate, though he has done little else.

Women in Massachusetts, unite. Get out and campaign for Elizabeth. The rest of us will help by sending donations to her campaign. She is someone who will make you proud, and she will make a perfect first woman President of The United States of America.

4 Responses to THE POWER OF WOMEN

  • Allison Allain says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about her, she’s certainly got what we need. Energy and enthusiasm, not afraid to say what needs to be said. I’ll start following her a lot more closely.

    Thank you for posting.

  • Bob says:

    Wish I felt better about the American political process. Watching the Republican primary fight-till-death battles has made me sick of the Republicans, the fundamentalist/evangelical Christians who want to make America a democractic theocracy as long as they version of a god rules, and the apathetic masses who will put up with the likes of Ron Paul, Santorum, or Newt (Got a Younger Woman in the Wings?) Ginrich because they say the “right” things even though they live another.

    Elizabeth Warren should really think long and hard before she runs for President. Look what it did to Obama to come into office with the “old guard” Democrats and the obstructionist Dems and Repubs.

  • Bob says:

    Nancy Goodman Brinker was a Bush $100,000 contributor member and served him on several government panels. She’s extremely bright, politically aware, and has made the Susan Komen organization one of the most effective in the world. To assume that the appointment of Karen Handel was a “mistake” is to deny how brilliant Nancy Brinker is…unfortunately.

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