Here’s a little trick I learned. I’m a writer so I use this technique often and it I know it works. Say you have a plot problem, one you just can’t figure out. Try sleeping on it. No, seriously. It really does work. At the very least, it is worth a try.

Put on your PJ’s – brush your teeth—climb into bed—get comfy and then have a little talk with yourself. As you think about the part that is giving you trouble, repeat after me. Okay brain. Here’s my problem and I can’t figure it out. I’m  tired now so I need for you to to work on this while I’m sleeping. Then forget about it and drift off into peaceful slumber.

Sometime during the next day, you’ll get back to your task, and Wallah. Like magic, the answer will come to you.

I’m not making any grandiose claims. I have no idea how it works. But at least for me,  more often than not, I wake up in the morning and—problem solved.

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