An acre. That’s all we have, but we’re doing what we can to tend it well and keep its tenants safe. The showy leatherleaf viburnum are so popular with the birds and butterflies that last year I planted three cranberry viburnum. Everyone loves them, too.

The butterfly bushes have spread and this year are happily home to a gazillon bees. I’m so glad. I thought we might lose the bees to disease but our family authority says she thinks they’ll be all right.

I spent a few days in Aspen with my brother, last week. His land is covered with big, beautiful daisies, yaro, and blackeyes susans. I’ve decided to plant bunches of those beauties tomorrow. Perfect timing.

I love the sound of moving water. The pound is tiny but an okay size for our acre.

Here are a few plants that grow on our acre. Can you tell what they are?



Our little pond and waterfall