I don’t know about you but I am thankful the election is over. I usually dread the hustle and bustle of the holiday season but this year, I’m thrilled. Wal-Mart has their Christmas decorations up already and everyone is posting what they are thankful for on Facebook.

I’m glad I don’t have to see Mitt Romany smirk any more. Not that I have anything against Mitney (as some people have taken to calling him) but I did find his patent little smile annoying.

Of course, that wasn’t the only thing that irritated me about him. He had an exasperating way of saying exactly the things that freaked me out. (47%. Binders full of women) I sort of felt really sorry for his handlers.

But to be honest, the whole election thing got to me. For starters, consider the whole ‘wall-to-wall’ ads thing. Personally I felt like I was drowning in politics. My husband and I ended up recording everything we liked so we could fast forward through Mitt’s smiles and Obama’s waves. Still I resented that they took time away from viewing time of The World Series (though I admit that wasn’t much to watch anyway) and two of my favorite programs, Modern Family and Parenthood.

Here in the Midwest, we got a huge overdose of anatomy lectures from Todd Akins. You folks in Indiana had to contend with Richard Mourdock and his “if the rape caused a baby, it was God’s will,” pronouncement.

If you’re a fan of Rush Linbaugh (he says he’s the most listened-to radio host on the planet) you must have been in seventh heaven. And if you’re a right-wing novel reader, you must by now have your fill of Ann Coulter’s books. (Ten by my count on Amazon.com)

In the end, some of my favorite candidates won.

  • Obama of course (no big surprise there)
  • Elizabeth Warren who I think will make a great President in 2016
  • Tammy Duckworth, my personal hero. She was a helicopter pilot who’s wounds during the Iraq war caused her to lose both of her legs. She still serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Illinois National Guard. I expect she’ll be a great advocate for women, especially veterans and those still serving. Yeah, Tammy!

At any rate, life goes on. (I just made that up.)

By the time January 1st comes, we will probably have gotten our fill of Christmas, too. We’ll take down the lights, (some people leave them up all year) put away our Christmas trees and get back to our mundane, frenetic, workaholic weeks. But we won’t have to contend with elections for a while, at least until March when the whole cycle will start all over again.


5 Responses to ELECTION

  • Bob Chrisman says:

    The election stuff was so mean-spirited, so full of lies and half-truths, that I quite listening early on. I like the holidays because I don’t celebrate them anymore, not like I did at one time. I watch with interest as people trample one another in an effort to obtain an $11 phone that will dissolve in their hands in a week. My soluion is to stay away from shopping malls and stores until mid-January. Instead I enjoy friends and the holiday parties. At least I won’t be trampled at those events.

    Hope you have the happiest of holidays.

  • Dee Dee Dale says:

    Read the posts on Susan Rice, the election, Pinky’s blog, and the comments on the Connecticut shooting that Lynn wrote. Thanks for all the good info.

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