Legalize Drugs

In 1874, women got all mixed up regarding suffrage (the right to vote) and temperance (the need to prohibit the use of alcohol) which became the mantra of The Women’s Christian Temperance League. What’s strange about this is that the very women who wanted the right to govern  ran headlong into their political, religious and philosophical beliefs.

Finally in 1920, they succeeded in passing a law prohibiting the sale of liquor in the United States. Racketeering and crime quadrupled and much to the dismay of the temperance league, the law didn’t stop people from drinking. It took 13 years to repeal that law.

Today . .  and for the past 41 years . . . the sale of drugs is illegal.

Drug cartels reap $150,000,000,000 (billion) from the sales of illegal drugs. To do so they murder, extort, rape, and commit unspeakable  violence and  brutalities.  With their huge income, they lobby (pay off) congress not to pass legislation that would legalize drugs.

Leading authority Dr. Benson Roe, Professor Emeritus and former Chair of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University of California at San Francisco writes;

“The widespread propaganda that illegal drugs are “deadly poisons” is a hoax.

“There is little or no medical evidence of long term ill effects from sustained, moderate consumption of uncontaminated marijuana, cocaine or heroin. If these substances – most of them have been consumed in large quantities for centuries – were responsible for any chronic, progressive or disabling diseases, they certainly would have shown up in clinical practice and/or on the autopsy table. But they simply have not!”

The government of the United States spends over a trillion dollars a year in an effort to keep drugs off the streets. By so doing, they turn thousands of good people into criminals. Why not use that money for education and health care?

Legalizing drugs will:

  • Assure purity Food and Drug Administration regulations
  • Label concentration of the product to avoid overdose
  • Stop street pushers
  • Save expensive law enforcement
  • Stop crimes related to sales of drugs
  • Redirect our tax money

Just like alcohol and tobacco, people that want to use drugs will find a way to get them. Why not at least give them a measure of safety.



3 Responses to Legalize Drugs

  • maril crabtree says:

    I agree completely with the statement that MODERATE use of these drugs does not cause chronic, progressive or disabling diseases. Problem is – as with alcohol use – there’s a distinct percentage of users who won’t stop at moderate use. What the answer is, I still don’t know. With the legalization of alcohol we did rid ourselves of the criminal element – but we still pay the price as a society for those who abuse alcohol (chronic liver diseases and other physical, mental and emotional illness which costs millions in lost productivity, health care, etc.; and of course drunk driving which costs lives).
    If we legalize drugs we had better be prepared to deal with the inevitable abuse. In Portugal they have decriminalized drugs and instead of spending money on jails they are now spending money on drug abuse treatment. not a savings but maybe a better way to spend our money!

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