Whatever happened to good manners?

Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona, demonstrated her lack of good manners when she shook her finger at the President of the United States on the tarmac of Tucson’s airport last week. Shame on her. Shame too on Joe Wilson for yelling “You Lie” at the President, during his state of the union speech a couple of years ago. Both demonstrated a lack of respect for our highest elected official. Ms. Brewer’s and Mr. Wilson’s mothers would probably be mortified, and Emily Post, (remember her?) would be deeply saddened at such conduct. During her heyday, “According to  Emily Post” was an oft heard phrase. She represented a model of behavior that governed generations of people.

Here are some common courtesies we seem to have forgotten. Feel free to add to the list.

Handwriting thank you notes.

RSVPing to invitations (répondez, s’il vous plaît.)

Saying “Hello” instead of “Hey.”

Arriving on time.

Dressing appropriately.

Standing and greeting older people when they enter.

Here’s one that I find particularly annoying: How to be addressed properly by our server in a restaurant instead of ‘guys’ (as in, what can I get you guys?)

2 Responses to COMMON COURTESY

  • joan shimer says:

    Not to mention the deplorable behavior of all the Republican presidential candidates who spend their time berating each other and Obama instead of putting serious thoughts to what our country needs. It is shocking that the main goal of the Republicans is to get rid of Obama. I feel the same way about the behavior of the members of our Congress. They don’t seem to know how to work in a civil fashion with each other to solve problems.


    • Beth says:

      In times past, congressmen and senators moved to Washington for the duration of their terms. Their wives got to know one another.
      The couples frequently drank and dined together, became friends. Today, congressmen and women works a few days and then goes back to their home town.
      Sadly, they don’t form bonds, so their is no communication. You are correct. Their behavior toward one another is deplorable.

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