Herman Cain and Sexual Harassment

Did (or does) Herman Cain sexually harass women? Before I give you my take on the answer to that question, I’d like to ask another one. Just exactly what is ‘sexual harassment’?

As a student x-ray technologist, we students had to have an annual chest x-ray. One of the first things my fellow techs told me was to smash my boobs up against the film holder because the male radiologists gave plum assignments to the big breasted women. Harassment? Probably not but when I leaned over the x-ray table to reach for the spot film device and image intensifier, and the doctors took the opportunity to pat my derriere, that was.

Thirty years ago, I interviewed for a job as the first woman x-ray sales representative in the industry. The company was French. When the vice president of the company told me I “certainly did have the physical qualifications,” I hoped he meant it as a compliment. Later, at a sales meeting, one of the salesmen accidentally spilled a glass of wine in my lap. When he offered to have a wine tasting party, I gave him a disgusted look and moved away. THAT was sexual harassment.

Women who enter the work force know to expect some degree of sexual innuendo from fellow workers but blatant reference is out of bounds. Still, the same fears apply today as did many years ago: apprehension of losing your job, prejudice from the boss or your fellow workers, demotion or lack of promotion.

Three women accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment. We’ve been told that one received a cash settlement of $45,000. That’s good enough to convince me of his guilt.


2 Responses to Herman Cain and Sexual Harassment

  • Lynn Barnett says:

    It is a sad commentary on our society that women are taught to “expect” sexual harrassment in their world. “Yes dear, that was innappropriate but let me tell you when you need to REALLY report it”. We have a supreme court judge who was also charged but he got away with it. What kind of message does that give to people like Cain or our sons for that matter?

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