Publishing, Anita Hill, and Domestic Violence

Dear Readers,

In the span of a quarter of a century, I’ve written three novels.  I love to write and a few years ago I connected with a like-minded group of people.  We have banded together to explore the changing world of publishing. Please join and help us as we explore this cutting edge technology. Tentatively,  The Cross on Adams Needle is the title of my first novel . . .  or maybe it should just be Adams Needle.  What do you think?

Of course I won’t discontinue my rants. Right now, it’s about the Anita Hill thing.

I am still enraged by the way she was treated.  I believe her and that without question her boss, Clarence Thomas, sexually harassed her and several other young women in his office. None except Professor Hill were ever even called to testify. Thomas became a supreme court judge while Anita Hill, a brilliant, young , attractive black woman was savagely bullied by a group of all male, United States senators lead by Arlen Specter.  If you want to know how badly that’s turned out, just remember that Thomas was the deciding vote in the supreme court election of President George W. Bush.

Also, in Topeka Kansas, you may be arrested if you commit domestic violence, but not to worry. You won’t be prosecuted. The city of Topeka removed a law saying they would prosecute you and the county DA says there is not enough money in the county coffers for him to do so. Thus, the message is, go ahead and beat up your wife. No one in Shawnee County cares.

Next week, I hope you’ll help me pick out a cover for novel number one.

Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

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8 Responses to Publishing, Anita Hill, and Domestic Violence

  • Bob says:

    Anita Hill was treated badly by almost everyone. The fact of the matter was that Clarence Thomas would have been appointed to the Supreme Court short of murdering someone and, even then, might have been appointed while his trial was pending. We have Missouri State Senator Danforth to thank for the nomination. He stood behind Thomas and pushed and pushed. He too deserves our disrespect for the abuse of his senatorial and personal power.

    The repeal of the domestic violence law in Topeka was political grandstanding by the city council and the county prosecutor. They should be voted out of office at the next election. The real issue was who should prosecute the cases and where the money was coming from. Rather than talk about the issue and figure out a compromise, both sides apparently stood their ground and let the victims of domestic violence fight their own battles (for a time).

    I think what made me angrier was when the prosecutor decided he would again prosecute domestic violence cases. But that didn’t mean all those perps were re-arrested.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks for reminding us about Senator Danforth and his part in the Thomas appointment. I wonder if the times had been different, if women might have made a bigger outcry. Maybe not.

      Victims of domestic violence need advocates, not persecutors. Hopefully, more people will pay attention to this disgraceful situation.

  • Did you know that Sydney’s first job was with a DC firm that was growing so rapidly they asked associates to share offices for the first 6 months. Her “roommate” was Anita Hill. When asked about her impression of Hill Sydney replied that she was impeccable and honest and would never have lied for anyone or about anyone.

  • Eri says:

    Agreeing totally with what you and Bob have said here. Beth, is your novel about a needle belonging to Adam or something else. I like the shorter title, but wonder if it should be Adam’s rather than Adams.

    • Beth says:

      Adams Needle is another name for the Yucca plant. In the novel, there were so many yuccas growing on this particular Ozark cliff that the local people took to calling it Adams Needle. Many people have commented on the lack of the apostrophe in Adams and I can see where it might be troublesome so I will add it to the title. Thanks for your comments and for expressing your opinion. I think I like the shorter one, Adam’s Needle, best too.

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