The Eagles Nest

I am having a hard time getting anything done these days because I am so enthralled with the eagles.

If you haven’t been watching the eagle’s nest in Decorah Iowa, you’ve been missing one of the greatest shows of spring. Luckily, it’s not too late. The eaglets are approximately three weeks old and if you check on them often, you can literally see them grow. There are three babies. The oldest hatched on April second, the next on the third and the youngest April sixth. They have great parents who feed them bits of fresh fish, squirrel and once, pieces of a foolhardy crow that had had its eye on one of the  newborn babies but was quickly dispatched by mom and dad.

From tiny hatchlings, the babies have grown to sizable handfuls. Their doting parents keep them safe and well fed. During the recent snowstorm, Mamma eagle kept them warm and dry by hovering over them with her body and spread wings.

Don’t miss this mesmerizing show which is streamed here 24/7.

And for much more fascinating information about the eagles and other raptors, read Amy Riles blog.

More great Internet stuff  is coming up soon and if you haven’t watched POWER SURGE on PBS, do try to catch it. You can probably find and record it in the wee hours of a the morning.

Finally, today is EARTH DAY. Do what you can.

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