Computerized Axial Tomography

CAT scans are done with ionizing radiation (x-ray).

Beams of x-ray and x-ray detectors rotate 180 degrees around the patient’s body; hence, the term “axial. A computer processes the information and creates the images a doctor will interpret.  CAT scanning equipment has been around since the early 1970s. Because of the speed with which examinations can be made, CT images are of particular value in evaluating head injuries and in some cases, offers better details of other parts of the body than regular x-ray.

When I was first went to x-ray school, students were given two weeks off during the summer to go ‘sit in the sun’ to get rid of the excess radiation they had absorbed.  That, of course, was nonsense.  However, the cumulative effects of x-ray have been the subjects of numerous scientific studies. I think the need for accurate diagnosis outweighs those concerns. Nevertheless, I try to follow a cautious approach and make sure x-rays are necessary.

Annual Fall Jaunt

Last weekend we drove to Louisburg Kansas, about thirty miles south of Kansas City, to visit the Louisburg Cider Mill. It was sweater weather with crisp, blue skies. We took our dog Louie along. We don’t know why, but he always whines and shivers in the car. We thought a longer trip might help him get over his fear.

Originally, a couple bought Louie for $600. They wanted a miniature schnauzer but he grew too tall and the couple returned him and got their money back. Next, an apartment dwelling older lady offered him a home but by then, Louie was a real handful. Back he went again. This time, a kind veterinarian, unwilling to put him down, took Louie. He kept him in a crate for months hoping to find him a good home. By the time we heard about him, Louie was sixteen months old, and had learned only that he belonged in a cage. We felt so sorry for him. Maybe he would make a  good companion for our aging and lonely dachshund, Dudley.  We arranged a visit and the two dogs didn’t kill each other so we took poor, frightened Louie home.

We discovered he was a sweet but untrained, undisciplined sixteen month old puppy.  It took three training classes and a personal consultation with Dr. Hunthausen, but at last Louie, who finally found riding in a car could be fun, has become our favorite, next to little Dudley who at fifteen continues to lead our pack.





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