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I am deep into writing the synopsis for THE CROSS ON ADAMS NEEDLE.

I’ve finished the novel and am searching for an agent, seriously. Email makes the task easier. I know they are busy but some of them don’t even bother to answer. How long can it take to hit reply and type in “Sorry. Not for me,” or better still, “I’d like to see more!”

Finishing a project is always depressing (what do I do now?) but to make matters worse, I looked in the mirror this morning and saw gravity at work. Someday there will be nothing left of me but a puddle on the bathroom floor.

My hairdresser told me “NEVER let my hair go gray because it “ages you twenty years.” I hope she knows what she’s talking about.

Every time Glenn (picture) drives by a homeless person, he gives them money. At first, I wondered about that, but now, I think it is a pretty neat. He just called to tell me he is at a church bake sale and is bringing home treats for our bridge game tonight. What a sweetheart!

On Health Care, here’s a thought. In the past, I’ve run a big X-RAY department. I’ve seen millions of dollars worth of unnecessary X-Rays were being ordered because doctors feared being sued for missing something. We called them CYA (cover your ass) X-Rays. Each CAT scan or MRI costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

For instance, I got talked into an MRI for my shoulder a year ago. X-Rays already showed a torn rotator cuff and I told my doctor I didn’t plan on taking up tennis but he ordered an expensive MRI. It showed . . . guess what . . . that I had a torn rotator cuff. But it was my fault. I didn’t ask enough questions.

We need to better educate ourselves in medical terminology and the diseases affecting us. We must question our health providers about the need for so many tests.

As the Health Care bills creep through congress, discouraging news seeps out but I think somehow our guys will do the right thing and include a form of the ‘Public Option.’

Bless our dog, Louie. (Picture) He’s a schnauzer. A couple bought him a few years ago and when he outgrew his miniature status, they took him back to the pet store. With no training to speak up, no one wanted him and he remained in a cage for a year. They gave him to us to keep Dudley, (Picture) our aging dachshund, company. Louie was  wild as a March hare. He flunked three training classes but finally, my niece, who is studying to be a vet, suggested I try him on a “gentle leader” leash. WOW!! What a difference. Now, he is the joy of our (Picture) Glenn’s and my) lives.

Louie keeps me active and is nudging me right now to take him for a walk.

But before I go, I have to tell you this delightful little tidbit. I just read in Audubon Magazine, (one of my favorites,) that blacken bananas and old watermelon rinds are delectable treats to butterflies. So next summer, save them and put them out the butterflies to feast on.

Check out what Barb Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center, has to say about N1H1 vaccinations, especially for kids.  Click here: ALERT: Special Swine Flu Update

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‘Til later,


3 Responses to Beth’s Blog

  • Andy says:

    The ramblings are actually kind of fun…
    This is an interesting way to sty in touch. Will need to link this to your Facebook account and add a Share This button. More to come.


  • Glenn says:

    I was talking to Len Horwitz(PhD) today and he said a friend submitted a book and it took weeks for a reply as the Publisher was forwarding the book to his contacts for their comments.

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